Most Irritating

Here it is the end of January, well almost minus one day & no sign of UR Medicine’s mychart. The mail is damn slow, very annoying. Most of all I sent a card to Ian & Michelle’s Arlington’s address with a gift card for $ 100 to Cheesecake Factory & no sign that Michelle received it. Though didn’t ask her on the social media site. So again its a waiting game.
My cold is almost gone which is a true blessing. Been reading an interesting informative book, The Pigeon Tunnel by John Le Carre. It’s very informative. Above all it gives a sense of history, which is good in a human sense. I like it very much because it’s not the goory details. Love his concept of life.
Want to leave a positive thought today with my blogs. Couldn’t sleep the other night because of concern, worry over things. Really trying to stay calm & focused. Though my mind worries about Ian’s & Michelle card with gift card. Where is it? Was it taken? Do I phone the Post Office & tell them of the problem. Don’t want to be part of a problem: want to be part of a solution. Do I wait & see what happens. For me this is very difficult. I just think about it too much. So I vent.
Our cat or kitty is now quiet. He was meowing a couple of times. Now it’s peaceful so I can blog in content. Surely hope things get resolved very soon. Just want to make it from month to month & be content. I do pray each night which makes a real difference.

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