Calming Down : Waiting Still

It’s nearly ten in the evening, had a busy day though not tired yet, just relived to finally have the gift card arrive. It was here when I arrived home with Andre from dialysis. Actually phoned ups in the chapel while Andre was having treatment. He had a fistula put in on Tuesday so naturally couldn’t drive on Wednesday. So he had it today. Will have it tomorrow. Just looks better for a transplant. Each day he feels better.
So I was overjoyed that the gift card arrived today. Got a letter from the Cheesecake Factory saying the amount. So I addressed an envelope to Michelle’s Mom. Andre put a short note to Ian. So I will post it soon yet not immediately for the fact that Andre isn’t feeling put to par. Though I finally received it after at least six weeks. The Cheesecake Factory replaced it.
Finished my book The Pigeon Tunnel Le Carre. It is a great book & highly recommended. So enjoyed this.
So I intend to take this envelope addressed to the post office & certify it with a tracking number. So that’s the size of it. All my life I have fought for what is important & therefore it is worth fighting for. If things come easy then it’s not worth it. So that is my perspective.

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