An Image And Mortality

There is springtime peeking around the corner. How nice will this be. As the warmer skies approaches the earth: more and more people will be outside enjoying the pleasant temperatures naturally.
Each of us are living from paycheck to paycheck just trying to make ends meet and praying each night to be above water. A good amount of the population are living in their cars, which is truly sad. They do have jobs or maybe two yet can’t afford the rent. Unfortunately these are some families which is doubly difficult. The children go to school like any other child though at night they sleep in their family’s cars. Just to know I must reiterate this only for the fact that this has fallen on deaf ears.
The homeless shelter is of no use to them only because these useless shelters open the earliest hours and close at ridiculous hours. So if the people work in restaurants and get off at one or two in the morning then these shelters would be closed and locked. So that is very cruel.
I noticed a local tv station posed if viewers had good questions of anything of value so therefore I proceeded to pose my question. Needless to say I hadn’t heard a response to my email.
I mentioned that there are several buildings in the downtown area which are uninhabitable. So it would be a great idea to have the homeless restore these for themselves. It would be a plus to everyone concerned.

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