Items Of Importance

Where to begin! Naturally from the start. There is so much to say. My son Ian is still in Baghdad. Got an email from him. He is doing just okay waiting to come home. Finally after two months, the gift card arrived at John & Wanda’s address. This was a lengthy ordeal. John gave the envelope to Michelle.
My son Andre is doing well. He had a doctor’s appointment to check on the progress of the fistula. Thankfully it is & has been healing nicely. The doctor mentioned that it is Andre’s choice when he may start using it for dialysis. Right now he has been using the catheter. In a while the catheter will be removed.
I had been going to dialysis & waiting for Andre in the waiting room. Now because of the Coronoviris All visitors aren’t permitted there.
Andre & I still do doordash just not often. When we do it there are hardly cars on the road being that there is a stay at home to slow down the virus. It is very strange weird to see things change this way.
So on a lighter note. Just finished a book ” His Perfume Burned His Eyes” by Michael Imperioli. It was entertaining, sad, & very good. Would recommend this. Andre & I have been watching One Planet, a really good documentary. Watched a couple of good movies at Redbox too.
So that’s all momentarily. U can be sure much more later!

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