Significant Notes

How to begin! Just start from the beginning! Life is very different now: & will be for the for seasonal future: however it won’t be this way forever. There is a time lining as for everything in life. So with that perspective let’s focus on the positive.
Andre is at dialysis now. He is doing good. I’m also doing well. That in itself is great. Just got a private number call which of course didn’t answer. Played it smart. Just opened the window for Oreo so I can blog without having him making noise at the door knowing that Andre just left, & he’s wanting to go outside. Smart Kitty.
Jamal Khashoggi was killed in an horrendous way. This happened over a year or so without anyone taking responsibility then read recently that Turkey charged twenty Saudis with murder. Finally these people be taken & charged. This is a good event for simply the closure for the his family.
Now Oreo is quiet for now. His meowing sounds like a baby crying. Andre read that.
This stay at home order along with social distancing will help combat this unique virus. Of course washing hands often than usual will aid in the process.
This way of life will extend until June first. Hopefully there will be a vaccine in September. Johnson & Johnson is working hard to accomplish this. Surely hope the company will succeed. The virus will come around in the fall or winter again. So it is apparent that this vaccine will be implemented by September.
Speaking of September my doctor’s appt has been postponed till then, will be changed again. So I deal with the change. Reading my book still, Between Love& Honor which is wonderful. Been keeping in contact with friends & family. Keeping calm, busy & positive.

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