Worth Noting

All my blogs are worth noting, particularly at this time, with the daily briefings with Governor Andrew Cuomo.
Finished my book Between Love and Honor by Alexandra La Pierre. Wonderful from beginning to end. Now started and reading A Woman of a Thousand Names. Just the start is tremendous.
Andre is at dialysis now. Didn’t go on Monday: went Friday, then had to go to the hospital over the weekend: finally went on Sunday. Was very stressful for him as well as for myself. His hemoglobin was low. His liquids are going to his feet so walking is most uncomfortable. Surely today he will be better. It’s just a day to day schedule with less energy with difficult breathing. Though all in all he is coping and adjusting. Actually makes me feel better emotionally.
Appointments have been postponed as a result of this pandemic. So my appointment with my primary doctor is now scheduled four days after my Birthday. Already got my presents from Andre. A book and a sensational dinner from Little Venice and another dinner a French restaurant. How lucky is that. Though will be waiting
for surprises as well. Might add Mother’s Day is just a few days away. So with this constant term oil, have to count my blessings! And they are many!

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