A Spokesman

Noticing that the uneven temps are with us momentarily, its not forever. Outside is raining, cold and unseasonable. This is the month of May no less, with Spring not far away.
On a personal note, my dear son Andre just left for dialysis. His ankles and feet are still slightly swollen. Been limiting the liquid intake. So hopefully this will be a good treatment for him. Still he is using his catheter. Though the nurses are gradually using his fistula; in fact he used it on Wednesday. The catheter will be removed soon.
A spokesman is used as an advocate for groups of persons. The members of Congress of both the House and the Senate are these.
In the potato famine which killed thousands and thousands of Irish was very horrible. At that time in history the Navajo Nation came to their rescue and gave them food which at the time was life saving as the Irish were literally starving of hunger.
So now this year the Irish never forget the Navajo Nation in generosity. Ireland sent a tremendous amount of food equal to the amount sent years ago. The Navajo Nation are very thankful. This nation includes the states of Utah, New Mexico, Arizona. It is the largest tribe in the United States. It is very poor. Doesn’t even have running water, electricity. Families are crowded in large numbers in one room. Saw a documentary on this subject. It was very enlightening and informative. So it goes the humanity of some. This is wonderful to be viewing history in the making. This type of goodness is awe inspiring. There is a treaty with the tribes which enable them to have necessary items. There is such red tape with the federal government: more so with the Navajo Nation to get needed things. The Navajo Nation signed a treaty which lets them receive basic items.
So this is the way they have to operate sadly. At least they are trusting caring individuals.

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