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” A March To Remember”

April 24, 2017

How beautiful is this to be here finally! Blogging is my passion: yes definitely is! While saying this on this sunny windy day, let’s back tract on the month of March!
There was a conglomeration of bad, worse and even worse in the weather department. First there was a wind storm with 85 mile a hour winds with exaggeration! I personally went outdoors and was nearly blown to my knees had to stop in midstream. This windstorm was left with citizens without power for nearly three days in Irondequoit, Brighton. Monroe County which Rochester is located. Henrietta and surrounding areas were in devastating positions were all in the havoc ways in combination that were unfortunately rendered in March! Then there was a two feet snowstorm with again the same areas were repeatedly in the way of peril. Then there was a series of days which rained which caused flooding in the creeks, rivers, and lakes, which again caused a yet repeated havoc on homes nearly.
Of course this is a condensed version which is related to this month. Then nearly at the end of the month, Jimmy Breslin died in his sleep. He was 86 years of age and only cbs reported this! Might add the Genesee River here was rushing wildly in a gargantuan way!

” Creatures Of Habit”

August 14, 2016

All my books read, just a final readers digest read which is a remarkable idea. Have a list of items to accomplish for the month of August which is on the agenda. Am actually methodical about everything; more organized that way. Trying my utmost to remain calm too.
Its hard to tell the right from the wrong when the right is protecting the wrong! Say what you want! You will die if they listen! These profound lines are from an alternative song! All alternative music is awesome. So awe inspiring and with timeless lyrics which people should appreciate and take a special note. It is ridiculous for anyone to make comments of importance on any social media. Everyone has opinions and that is like having a–es of all shapes and sizes. People act like it is breaking news. Liars everywhere! Statements are misinterpreted and misconstrued to a point of being laughable.
Here is Georgia the governor is going to appoint a person who is a transgender. That is a poor choice for the simple reason there are enough problems now why would you want to make more. Holy Moly! Now there is a law in S.C. to feed the homeless; it is in parts of Fla. and in N.Y.C. too. This is horrendous. Most people are just a paycheck from being homeless or having to choose whether to purchase food or medicine.
Just read that a young man committed suicide because of bullying. To make matter worse he wrote a note to inform the school of his intentions and nothing was done to make it worse still it was Holy Angels Catholic School. He was just 13 years of age. This shouldn’t have happened. The authorities were informed beforehand yet not a person thought to pay attention to it. It is in correlation with the child abuse brought against priests the cover ups in the higher ranks: it happens in the military in the high commands no a person is exempt including generals. The child abuse which was a reality in the book Angela’s Ashes. That same abuse is here today which is a sad fact in schools, in the home environment.
Again in Georgia the soil is red resembles clay. In the front yard there was water coming out of the ground and it was spreading. Observed this month so it was a tree root. Thought first it was a broken pipe. The plumbers had to dig and then found it deep inside the ground. Its been temporarily handled now however there was a recall to a fixture. There is a pine tree that has definite marks of decay and hopefully it will be saved. This is in recollection of a time when married living in a cul de sac and raw sewage was in the bathtub every so often. Had to use some chemical to rid it. This was due to a tree root. Usually this happens in sub divisions or in cul de sacs, or places with many trees or certain types of species. Now as I was reading this the print is larger and want it to be of normal size. Still have to finish it by tagging it. Holy Capolli!! Oh and yes my son received his package!!!

“A Culture”

March 25, 2014

It still is winter in my book. Still winter gear with all the fixings. Still mounds and some patches of snow on the surface, the air feels like snow. Although sunny skies avail that is tomfoolery with black and grey clouds. Intended to actually not blog again till next month, but after viewing a local report couldn’t let it go. It was reported that while driving while intoxicated the cop pulls you over and gives you a ticket, no jail time! This is a culture in this state, Wisconsin. Now this is speaking of alcohol, instead of having it called a dwi, it is called a owi. Now won’t go into that because it was well stated previously. The focus is why does the cop just gives a ticket! This is outrageous! How can this be! Then the upcoming offenses are many as less that five and more than twenty. This is a beer state namely Millers. All beer companies are saying time and time again to drink responsibility. So one can’t fault the beer manufactures for the stupidity of individuals. Just as you can’t blame the tobacco companies in N.C. and it is so big that two major cities are named after the companies. The state legislature has repeated tried to change the law regarding the offense. However to no avail, the beer lobby stands in the way each time the measure comes up for a vote. The beer lobby blocks and slams it down. This is very unfortunate. Look at the countless families who have lost individuals due to alcohol related accidents: not to mention the countless injuries. This is indigenous to this state. No other state in the nation but this state do this occur.

“Slamming Against A Brick Wall”

February 4, 2014

At the moment I am racing against time, simply for the fact that my computer is going down to make it short and not to elaborate on it. Each and every time I try to find anything at all about my father’s side of the family, I keep slamming against a brick wall. There is nothing about that side, however knowing me I keep the research going. My sister-in law, Ellen sent me a card with a baby’s picture on it and it was a long gated one, which said ” Welcome Cole Davis into the family April 2007. Down below was written Jay and Claudia Douglass and big brother Reid. I kept this and put it away in my album for a period of time. Then my niece, Dara just ask me recently if I knew anything about Bert’s side of the family and if Bert had any brothers. I immediately said that Bert had a brother Maury and another brother Bobby. Then I was online looking for something else and came across an article which said” Rock Hill boy 4, fights to live” I then compared the card to the dates I had and as I was reading further into the article came to the conclusion that it was one in the same. The boy Reid was Cole’s older brother. It mentioned that Cole was 2.It mentioned that Claudia is Reid and Cole’s mother and Jay was the father. Claudia is my Uncle Bobby’s daughter. It was an emotional and inspiring piece. Reid had lymphomia cancer and needed a bone marrow transplant. There was several other articles referring to this condition or in connection with this family. So that is the essence of this blog.


November 8, 2013

It is again another typical November day. Warmer during the day and chillier in the evening and at night. Have the heat barely on so there isn’t a chill in the air when awakening. These studio apts can get mighty warm, guess because of such a smaller space than the others apts. Just finished my portion of coffee for the day, now drinking some water b/c coffee has a dehydrating factor. It is ironic but I really don’t know how to start this senario. Guess I think it has some or most personal matters, and I am a very private person. There is a very well known site which is true to form.” Children Live What They Learn”! In my case it was most the negative sayings. Remembering growing up, I was in kindergarten and it was the beginning of the school year. In the few days, I had met a friend who was nice so I naturally brought the child home after school to play a short while. She was biracial. After a day of active play, I asked my mother if we could play the next day and she gave an infatic”No”. I was sad and ask her why? Knowing that we didn’t do anything wrong. She said” I don’t want you bringing home any High Yellow again” Of course I didn’t understand at all and became very sad and began to cry. She didn’t understand and told me to “Stop”. In all my years growing up I never had a birthday party. Never had friends over either. Never join “Brownies, Girl Scouts, Campfire Girls, or went to summer camp. This is my own personal recollection of childhood. Over the years I have been civil with my two sisters and brother, only for the sake of my two sons. My two sisters and brother are a product of my parents. It is what it is! I, on the other hand put a positive outlook on a negativity. And therefore do my utmost to stay far away from personalities who have negative aspects.