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“Never An Equation”

April 3, 2014

It really doesn’t seem like spring although it is early April. Getting use to this new computer as this is my second attempt with hopefully this time success. Just before I was in deep thought and for some unknown reason it disappeared. Perhaps aliens. Just kidding. The main difference between humans and animals is that humans have an intellect in which to think or reason and make choices. Society is quick to judge when a volatile act occurs. Humans and animals equate with a bond. Sometimes there isn’t a reason for these acts. Society as a whole may for unknown measures blame the acts on religion. This is never an equation. Sometimes these acts are equivocal. In cases of hatred it comes down to evil pure and simple. In history it is repeated throughout the ages not only in this country but in all regardless of where it is. No country has immunity. When someone has a physical illness they automatically are treated and eventually are on the mend. It should be the same way with mental illness. There is a stigma in society in general about this. It is very sad too. When someone has to go to war and fight for their country the person comes back with not only physical injuries but mental injuries as well. Let’s treat the whole person, not just the injuries that are visible. In some previous blogs there have been typographical errors. Trying to avoid this.

“Yanged From Under”

August 1, 2013

In early August so many years ago, recalled riding through the beautiful state of Pennsylvania on the turnpike going at high speed while keeping up with the adjacent traffic. Then on to Columbus which was very unimpressive and riding further west to reach Indpls. Yes the Midwest, very unlikable as to the East Coast. Places like Jones Beach which was huge beautiful. Speaking of oceans there was Cape May,in N.J. and Rehobeth Beach in Del. Rock Creek Park which was a massive beautiful forest with all kinds of outdoor activities families were likely to enjoy. Now yanked from under all of this, I actually felt very sad. Yet tried to suppress this by going within myself like I didn’t really care:however it was just the opposite. Really like HCA, the rest of the students, the faculty including the teachers. Felt like part of it, a sense of belonging. The midwest was altogether different. Indpls is the crossroads to America which is well known. However at the tender age of sixteen, I was out of my realm. A different school which in my view was cold uninviting. Although my father was making quite more money and a better position, the family did a lot more arguing than usual no different than anywhere else regardless of the habitat. My aunt and uncle occasionally visited. I was very happy to see them, however my parents became distant which I could never understand and then just gave up as to why. Again I went within myself, as a way of coping, I guess. And of course there was John in Maryland. After leaving we began writing letters and sent photos We both wrote long letters. That was really a highlight.