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“All About:Thrice”

May 24, 2013

With much cooler temps for just a short while, feels like still spring. Am up at 5am. No rhyme or reason just am. Perhaps will crash later, most probably will. Within every human there is an intuitively sense of good, perhaps when they are born. Then for some reason, even infants have the sense of observing sensing what and who are around them. The sounds of voices, someone’s touch, the feeling of warmth and cold. Their intelligence is farmore advance then others will give them credit. It is just when the infant becomes a toddler and so on that they mimic the mannerisms of others. The repetive way of teaching comes into play. With all that is in print, all that is broadcast, a person becomes a little cynical. A sense of what is right and wrong, not merely for religious purposes,just because it is. This isn’t for the reason that a person will be caught, getting a ticket for some offense either. How many of us will be doing something that is out of the ordinary when others have turned away? Just because a person isn’t looking directly at them. There will be a myriad of times. Am reading “Why Sinatra Matters” by Pete Hamill. Fasinatingly marvelous as all his books are. So individualistic! Have gotten a casio calculator, “A Couple Of Blaguards” by the McCourt brothers, a NYR slouch hat and waiting and another NYR hat.