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“Frozen In Time”

September 23, 2012

As the pleasant climate is still underway it is really hard to think that this month is nearly over. We know we were born and we know we will die and the inbetween is yours and mine. We as human beings are finite and therefore for the life of me can’t understand why we argue vehemently about a being that is infinite? Along the same lines and we love the Child and crucify the Man. Even an ad was posted in the name of politics and religion. That in itself in drawing a line and hitting below the belt. The inbetween should be filled with goodness, being natural to our fellow human being. Making sure we choose our words in a thoughtful caring manner. Although there is a slogan that states action speak louder that words which in some vane is true. Taking genuine time out of the day without having an ulterior motive. Phoning someone out of the blue to cheer up their day. Looking at a less fortunate person as your equal. Not taking a holier than thou attitude. Not being self absorbed. Listen to others. In that way you may be educated. The word friend is misconstrued. Especially if that so friend does you harm. Think of repercussions before acting and speaking. Human being may not have faith or hope however charity is the most important of the three. There is always a spark of goodness in everyone regardless of who they are . Pay attention to actions instead of appearances. Never have wasted talents. Love yourself than you may love others.¬†Give pride and respect to yourself then inturn it may be given to others. Do everything humanly possible to make yourself a better person. Turn a bad day into a good day a good day into a better day. Empathize others. Encourage others. Individualize others.