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August 19, 2011

As the summer is well underway with outdoors activities, family get- togethers of all sorts and many sports events pertaining to the season of summer: it is nearly Labor Day which will wind things down. One sport is swimming which is to say it is good for the body as well as the soul. Swimming in fresh water lakes, ponds, water reservoirs, oceans, bays and the like are to be advisable providing one keep in mind the fact there is an organism which may kill you very quickly within hours or days. This happened to three individuals of different ages and genders. It is minutely visible, sometimes unaware to the naked eye. This travels very quickly up the nose and then attacks the brain and eventually the person succumbs. Now if whether or not the person could or couldn’t feel it as it is in the nose wouldn’t one think the person could squeeze the nose or shake their head to avoid this happening. Or maybe it travels at such a volumn of speed that the person is unable to do anything about it. Now if a person has symptoms such as violent headaches, vomiting after swimming that person should call the life squad immediately. Then in that way the person may be treated before it is too late.