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“To Who This May Concern

December 3, 2012

This is precipitated by a couple of emails I received yesterday referring to the blog that was scripted. It was from wordpress, addressed Myxomotosis. As I was at the end of replying noticed that there was a attached to it. First of all wordpress sends me notification when someone reads my assigned blog and wants to comment. So naturally I go to notification and found out just out of curiousity. Everyone has heard that expression. Curiousity killed the cat. Satisfaction brought it back. I find that these so called individuals are reading my blogs and commenting, always in an affirmative way. In the first place, I don’t know these people. Don’t care to know them. These blogs which I have carefully scripted since 2008 are my concern. Never others. I have family and friends and only those I choose to have to share comments. I welcome those comments. WordPress has changed their format a bit to my disliking: in the fact that the site is devoted to contests or popularity, as to who may have the best and others may get ideas from others and then go ahead and procede. I say find your own ideas. Get them out of your own noggin and if you don’t then you have no business blogging in the first place. I blog for the simple pleasure. Don’t prefer to take a pen and paper and write b/c my hand gets tired. Prefer to type. I am a reserved person and don’t like having what I write broadcast for the rest of the world. I told wordpress exactly what I thought in so many choice words. They haven’t gotten back to me, naturally they are taken their sweet time. I have a link to facebook so that blogs may be posted there, so various members of my family may comment or just read them. Of course there is my choice friends too. Speaking of friends, I unfriended at least 20 of them b/c they were becoming annoying. This will be my 485th blog. Thinking when it reaches 500 I will get a flashdrive and pull them from wordpress and maybe put them in a book. So maybe I have gotten this situation out of my system. WordPress is saying to that I could change my user name. Why do that? I like that name. So now there are 15 more to go. I will probably most likely finish this next year. Will definitely not rush in the process. These blogs are matter and of great concern to me. They have meaning and content, each and everyone of them. I too, was thinking of printing them earlier when of course there were fewer but that would take mounds of ink and paper. Then maybe thought I could put them on disks. Then the thought would it last? A flashdrive is the ticket.