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“Second Segment”

October 5, 2012

Recalling raking the leaves of autumn into a huge pile only to jump head first into them to feel a sense of comfort, belonging. Such fun it was in the dead of winter to make a igloo and crawl into it to have warmth. Each of these were a sense accomplishment and sheer joy. Let’s now create a play with a scene in a dining room, with a grandfather clock in the corner turned at an angle. The walls are painted a shade of deep aqua. There are non descript paintings on the wall. The sun is just shining into the room and gives a direct glare, as the drapes, colour of off white hang to the floor, aren’t closed yet. There is a large rectanglar table which has a white tablecloth, white cloth napkins, and an exquisite silver table settings including soup spoons for each. At the head of the table sits Mr Mc Goo. On the opposite end sits Mrs How Do You Doo. There is Peppermint Patty, Sally, Marcie, Lucy, Linus, and Schroeder. These are all tense to the tee. Mr Mc Goo sits expressionless. Mrs How Do You Doo sits with her head held high and is prim and proper. Peppermint Patty opens up the conversation with a joke tries to break the ice. The only ones who respond are Schroeder, Mrs How Do You Doo who give a half smile, Sally who gives a smirk, as Mr Mc Goo retorts “There There” to Sally. Lucy and Linus eye one other while Mrs How Do You Do gives a pat on the hand of Schroeder and Peppermint Patty who sits directly beside Schroeder gives a so what attitude. At this point Mr. Mr Goo and Mrs How Do you Doo engage in small talk, while the others all sits on pins and needless in utter silence. After that Mr Mc Goo gives a word out of the blue as he goes around the table and demands the right meaning and pronounciation of it. Lucy answers first which is wrong, Linus then responds which is right. Then Mr Mc Goo gives another and repeats it. He continues with this without interruption. He wants control. Lucy says something off the cuff and is reprimanded by Mrs How Do You Doo. During this entire saga Marcie sits in silence as her mind is racing. She thinks of everyone at the table as their bodies are turned inside out. She finds that amusing and smiles to herself. She literally feels like Tweetie Pie in a gilted cage. She tries her best not to show it: however that’s not to be. She wishes she could take off with Snoopie and the Red Baron. All of a sudden Peppermint Patty is squashed like a peanut.