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Fly In The Ointment

July 8, 2011

Again the heat is rising quickly as there is sunshine as one views, so both the small and the ceiling are running. Although one didn’t find it a necessity during the night. If by chance one needed advice about something, inquired directions or something else that is unrelated. There would be a fly in the ointment. Certain people would most likely give one wrong advice or direct one in the complete opposite way. Now why is that? Is it the fact that they want to appear bright or in fact are they oxy-morons! And it’s not human nature! One has a friend that whenever one has a conversation with her about some subject, she invarably turns the conversation around to refer herself or to one of her family members. This has happens time and time again. So it is best to not have indepth conversations with her. One doesn’t really want to hear that b/c it has nothing to do with the subject at hand. Or for instance, in the realm of conversations one will mention something and then the person will embellish it sometimes make it bigger and worse than what was in the beginning. While one thrives on people in a general sense, one must keep in mind to continue to have a wide variety of friends in which to interact therefore carrying on with stimulating, interesting, uplifting and engaging conversations.