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“Along The Way”

September 16, 2013

Tears on my pillow, pain in my heart over you,oooo. You only hurt the ones you love, the ones you shouldn’t hurt at all. And if I broke your heart last night, it was because I loved you most of all. In the twisting, winding roads along the way you meet the most incredible persons on the road back to heaven. Each person is unique in their own special time and place and should be treated with respect. As you are treated the same way with love. To be able to forgive only then you find love and to be loved in return. Happiness is real if only shared: if not it becomes shallow. A small debt becomes a huge problem with monumental legal fees and persons are litterly driven out of their homes with no questions asked. It happens more and more behind the scenes not till the damage is done. Certain people through absolutely no fault of their own have you choose between rent and medicine, between heat for their homes and medicine, then between medicine and food. These people have done all the right things in life and for some reason would never cheat anyone out of anything and yet these same people are subjected to undue worry over something that could be fixed and isn’t. This is due to the ultimate greed of others. These people have lived in the same homes that they did when they were born. Lived on the same street, knew their neighbors all their life. This is tragic beyond words yet in the social media it is only slightly mentioned if only mentioned at all. This doesn’t make the raven headlines, simply because others don’t give a care.