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“Hope Among The Ruins”

March 9, 2013

Seems like it is a upside down topsyturvy in the weather department. Oh well,whatya gonna do! Deal with it! Spring is coming soon enough! Turning clocks ahead one hour at 2am is signing better days to come. Now there is hope among the ruins in the state of New Jersey. Always knew as far back when I was a child, cities been planted in mind for one reason or another. I guess just the way the word sounded as pleasantly rather than harsh. Like Racine, Wi.or this city also. This city is completely ignored. It is the poorest city in the U.S. There are 77,000 people that incompases this city. Surely this city hasn’t been like this forever. Don’t really know for sure when the economic downturn spiral happened as the what year. There are always cities time after time again that you know because of the surrounding cities or the adjacent states that they are expected to be that way,like the south for instance. Guess the reputation comes before that statement. The children don’t go outside to have activities. This city is definitely not Chicago. It isn’t Southeast Los Angelos. Sure those cities try to make it better for their communities. My statement is yes they try. Yet isn’t good enough. Try harder is what is stressed. Don’t give excuses as to why this is or isn’t:in other words play the blame game. These children congregrate in a steel water tower each day that is safe from the occurrences in the outside world. Each and every day of the entire year without a break inbetween, they practise a dance routine. They are members of a well known dance ensemble related to a school.The teacher enhances in her students behavior and discipline. As a result her students go on to high school and to college. Most if all parents are of one bringing up their children. Their excuse is never to leave the city and let someone else be there to see it tumble down to nothing. They want to be in front to see their city turn around and be better than it is presently. And it will someday. Moreso sooner than others think.And it will because of the simple fact that it is New Jersey!