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September 8, 2013

Yellowbird high in banana tree. Yellowbird as far as the eye can see. Swerving,sweeping,swiverling,swooping,swirling into the cloudless depth of the sky, just recalling. When all is said and done, to come back to me. Seeing well plotted with a slight touch of intrigue movies, playing internet solitare,checkers, backgammon,blogging, having meaningful conversations, occasional debates to make it interesting. As the present generation comes up in age: a thought goes to past generations in family histories. Must try your utmost to deter history repeating itself. Going through the alphabet and saying to yourself the name of the states. Learn the definition of a new word each day, just for your own benefit. Learn the capitals of each state and say them to yourself. Dream up songs to your liking that rhyme. Have a sense of being rhetorical. Improve your spelling. If you like music, rhapsodize if you want.Try to enjoy different types of music and inoorporate the arrangements to sound differently for a wider audience. Learn another language or have some knowledge of a handful of words, phrases you could say in place of your own words. Just for fun. Try to make these things a game and not a chore.