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“Caught In The Middle”

August 6, 2010

It is relatively cooler seasonably wise and more comfortable, as one bought a fan the other day. Wouldn’t you know! However it is going to be sizzling later on this week, so needless to say it was a wise investment in the long run. One’s two vhs movies are being shipped so can’t wait for them to arrive. At this point one is reading “Dying Words” by Nicholas Evans. It is outstandingly sensational. Human beings are caught in the middle when there is a divorce. That is understandingly so and a normality. What is tragic is the fact that when there are custody fights over human beings that is beyond the realm of circumstances. Or when a kidnapping results and worse when the family is split and the victim is a human being. When two adults who are married and have another human being and one or both are charged with abuse. Or the father is accused of murder. These instances are happening more and more on a daily basis. How awful is that! And moreso regardless of the place it happens to be, geographically in the US or in the world. It is doubly worse, because one doesn’t expect things such as that to happen in places like England or the British Isles, or western Europe.¬†Sometimes one has to contemplate just who are committing these acts. They are people who for the most part are uncivilised in the beginning. There are increasing incriminating acts of women killing human being who have come moments into the world. If these culprits dream up a likely excuse such as stress. That is not so. Everyone has stress and the key to that is how one deal with¬†it. There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever as to these violent acts.