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” One Step Closer”

August 7, 2016

Well back again my forever stomping ground ready and willing to express my heart to the fullest. Started and finished another and my last book ” Society’s Child by Janis Ian. A fascinating in depth honest straightforward and in some ways shockingly sad. Her view of the way she was treated in the music industry as a mere non person who had not a feeling to be in the trash pile if not produced by the people around her. Sadly again it was all about the almighty dollar. However it is a self taught survivor who came through with scars to say the least yet still was important for self worth in the end. Highly recommended.
Sent a package to my son. Tract it and said it was delivered and he never received it. Went to the post office to talk to the manager after repeatedly phoning with no answer. She says they always answer their phone. This was a wait of nearly forty minutes to just wait in line and talk to her. What inundated pressure on my part, and the unmitigated nerve on her part. Had thrown the slip away after tracking it so she said without a tracking number it wasn’t useful. Holy Crapola
So I thought if someone broke the law the post office has video cameras or ways of having things traced. Yet she was very unhelpful. Again I’m the type not to argue unless I can find a reason and have a solution. I am a meticulous person also always organized. My son’s phone was off so we had to resort to email. His phone should be tuned on today so surely there will be an update. Reason that I am so wanting this is he had some shoes and a favorite movie and some personal items as well. Second of all there will be a box of my things that will be sent this month so it is a lesson to keep the tracking numbers only until the person gets the item. Regardless if the item says its been delivered.
Shannon phoned after my emailing her and said I have an appointment on December 2nd which is a Thursday at 3 pm with Doctor Plonic. This is the doctor I originally wanted in the first place. So that is set in place which is important.
Now that I have finished reading which keeps me calm have to get some other things such as maybe puzzles or maybe some crossword puzzles to do. Got some yard work that’s been occupying my time. Love the outdoors. I will surely find something to my liking.

“Lost In The Shuffle”

January 15, 2011

With a new coating of everlasting snow on the ground as nightfall becomes a reality one is welcomed with slightly warmer temps or maybe the true fact is that one is dressed in layers against the chill of the new coming day. It becomes evident that children are lost in the shuffle as it is apparent in the case of Madeline McCann that is still been missing for quite a long time for at least going on four years. The parents carry on their daily activities, with two younger children to care for with the prospect of some day in the near future that this precious little one will be found. There are many more families anguished in the same predictment not knowing what has happened to their children. This is happening daily in some of the major cities where people regardless of age for whatever the circumstances just disappear. Just as law enforcements try their utmost to do what is necessary, they too are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of cases presented. Sometimes it is the fact that it is beyond their control. Yet too, some law enforcement officials are better trained and better equipped than others to deal with the problem. Some too are part of the problem,as they give up to readily, yet others find a solution with mere diligence in staying on top of it. Sometimes saddened to say that certain family members will couver up the situation by telling the authorities just part and not the whole story so therefore it will make the search much more difficult. Hopefully one day the community may work with the school, all religious organisations together will find a common goal.