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December 23, 2010

Just had an ice storm and several inches of snow on top of what is already on the ground. The weather here doesn’t give a breather it just keeps coming from bad to worse. So one has made the very best of the situation and curled up with a warm blanket and read one’s lastest book” Homicide” by David Simon. What an interesting,enlightening, fastinating and in somewhat inspirational this particular book is. Finally Lenscrafters called on Tuesday, without one calling them before hand and said the glasses are ready to be picked up. Will go tomorrow. What an ordeal. As one had scripted previously it has been nearly four months since Sept. 7th. What can one say without being repetitive. While waiting one has accomplished many items to numerous to mention. Both Brittany and Santo have worked diligently to make things transpired in a persistant way without taking no for an answer. Have gotten a haircut for the second time, this being super short. Really like it. One’s dear friend Carol did it. So many thanks to her. One is trying to think in a positive vane for the future. One’s aim is to move for obvious reasons and get one’s own place. Many things to consider first though and doing it logically instead of emotionally is most important. Have to consider many factors. One is very grateful to have true friends and wonderful relatives in which to be connected. That is most vital anytime of year however especially now.