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“Mind Set”

February 5, 2013

There is a definite mind set within human beings as they care freely about what they feel. Very few care about what is really important. Items may happen time after time and simply these people go about their daily life obvious of what is occuring. Items in the world are not of interest to them until it hits home and for some reason they ask why? How come? Then as far as in the national venue they again care not for that too. These people for the most part care what happens to non-sensical items in the entertainment industry than they do about events that are existing every day. These people know absolutely nothing of geography, history, or even governmental items. It is very sad that the same persons aren’t aware of these important and vital items. What is sadder is the these persons are well educated meaning with college and master degrees. Now what did they major in their studies? Perhaps just taking the minimum of courses in order to make enough money for themselves. People who do this are unable to debate on a meaningful issue, moreso they aren’t able to carry on an intelligent conversation with others. If they read they are pre-occupied with Harlequin romance novels. Their world is just made up of the gossip magasines, the National Enquirer and such. It is really surprising that they are able to read the items in any grocery isle. Or maybe they couple befuddled with this too. Yet they may get a license to drive a vehicle. For that matter a person may and have a license to operate a tractor in Alabama for instance. Know there isn’t any comparison with that state. There are many intelligent people in that state. These people are nationwide regardless of which state, in fact they are in all states. Americans don’t really know the simple questions regarding the government. However immigrants are required to memorise questions in order to become citizens of this country. There are all kinds of human beings. Mostly good. Just want things to be better than they already are. Maybe one day it will be.