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“Safety In Numbers”

February 4, 2011

The blizzard of 2011 is now and forever a┬ámemory for the history books. The record snowfall varies from one’s perspective although it was 20 inches. The winds were like mountains of gusts in some places as strong as 60 miles an hour and the drifts were as high a 3 feet. This was depending on one’s locality. Madison, Wisconsin wasn’t alone there were 17 states in the same boat that varied from snow to ice to tornados. A rule of thumb is safety in numbers as one read the recent article in Seattle of the strangulation of a female guard by a male convict in a chapel in the prison. The convict used a microphone cord. If police go into dangerous areas knowing that their life is on the brink, they will call for backup. There should be at least 2 officers in police cars at at times. If the officers are walking a beat there should be at least 2 of them. Then the question is manpower that the cities are unable to afford the money to put this together. The same as in all prisons, there should be at least 2 guards at all times to watch prisoners regardless of where in the country it is. There should be a rule to start now. Let’s cut to the chase and have this done. Isn’t it worth a life?