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March 21, 2011

With the endless horrendous bouts of weather related conditions in the first couple of months this year, one was just shoveling snow,  scraping ice just to get some sort of exercise. Not much fun! So went in gear and went to goodwill and purchased a couple of rugs, and looked at a table there while picking up some winter scarves. Then went to walmart and purchased some nice matching winter hats, and more scarves. Was satisfied then in the thought of planning to revamp ones living quarters entirely. Then on another mission at walmart purchased a airmattress, floor lamp and a microware; which is a hamilton beach and was on the truck outside the store left over from black friday. Then at another shopping excursion to shopco one purchased a folding table and another smaller folding table being that goodwill hadn’t the table originally viewed previously, obtained the larger one at walmart and the smaller one at shopco. Then with that accomplished one was racing against time. On the 20th of February one pulled the electricity from the computer. This was fine with oneself being that one could listen to wls radio,  read a couple of fabulous books, and listen to some music. More about this later. This of course is a condensed version for the readers interest.