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July 3, 2013

Blue skies shining at me:nothing but blue skies do I see!Saturday in the Park thought it was the 4th of July! People singing Italien songs!Great time for a picnic! How can the U.S. now have negotiations with the Taliban given the history of that radical organisation with their forever ramble chatter. Their superimposed ideas doesn’t set well in a good society. The world has to be vigilant to the splinter groups as well. The mullahs in Islam as well as the holiday of Ramadan as Moslems gather soon to have a holiday among themselves is fine. There have been several acts of ferocity in the past that have been in association with the Taliban. The cultures of them isn’t conducive to the rest of the world’s thinking including the religion of Islam itself. All Moslems retort to the fact that it is happening and they feel revolt to hearing such acts. There was a disturbing article in National Geographic website which displayed persons in Egypt, Afghanistan, other places especially in the Mid-East. These persons were shooting down, glueing song birds. Said they were doing it for profit or just for the sport of it. How awful is this. A great many song birds sang their last cheerful note thanks to these people. If there are laws against this it should be enforced with very heavy fines if caught. This should be defunct. I was simply appauled at the audacity of these actions.