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” In The Background”

September 8, 2012

With the sun shining and cool breezes upon the surface, there is surely room for hope. One might add at this point before going further that Royal Secret was finally order by phone. Won’t go into details although left a brief message of fb. There is a wider spectrum of thoughts ideas and such regarding the law enforcement. Hypothetically speaking if for instance, someone is arrested and they can’t afford an attorney, a public defender is appointed to them. Now who pays of those services. Where does the money come from? Surely not out of the air. The person is given the miranda rights which states in part. Don’t want to repeat what was already said. What if it is percentage of the cost? Then in that case the s0-called rights would be a lie. Or does the court appoint the attorney, or for that matter a public defender? Now let’s take a senario which is so familiar to us. If for instance an individual is taken to hospital by ambulance for an apparent heart attack and that same person is unable to pay for that service. Then who is responsible for the tab? Surely Medicare doesn’t handle the entire amount. For the simple reason it is so astronomical. Say for instance the person hasn’t the wear with all to afford it. There are several times that you get junk mail advertising for health or dental insurance. How can someone afford that when there thought is keeping a roof over their head and keeping food in their mouth. Afterall insurance is only to insure the person doesn’t come upon bad times. And that costs too. Anyone who is in politics regardless of who they are tells the citizenry what they want to hear and not the truth. They wouldn’t know the truth if it struck that down. It would be good to have national health/life/dental. Look at Canada France and others. At least people won’t have bills and all the rest that go along with that harassing them. France has a system which is cradle to the grave. Couldn’t the US come to a compromise with that version. Maybe sometime in the future one would like to have the affordability is this in the background. However it is very doubtful.