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“Questions Without Answers”

August 28, 2010

Again it is a seasonably warm day typical of August. Can surely feel the added warmth in the air. Have the windows open as one had slept with them status quo. Had the fan going yesterday as one had gone to a neighbourhood garage sale and purchased a couple of pairs of shorts, one on them one is wearing presently, a couple of pairs of jeans, and at least a dozen blouses( dress shirts) all for a little over ten dollars. Oh, with that got an air mattress and a runner rug. Now are the topic at hand. Why do other people speak negatively throughout their lives and when the person finally succumbs, then those same people speak in a favourable way? Ok now, another one. Why do some people get away with everything and then other people can’t get away with anything? These were two questions nagging in ones craw. Surely there are many more to come. Maybe one will continue to persue this at a later date, however it can’t be under pressure. For now this is it.