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“Rallying Cry”

September 27, 2010

A second cup of coffee is always the best way to start anything, as being a lifetime coffee drinker it gives oneself the perfect wake-up boost. There is an abundance of sunshine which slightly warms up the chilled air. Continuing with the premise previously, a rallying cry goes forth to those single mothers and not to ever forget the single fathers who with their endurance carry on their daily lives while carefully protecting their children. These persons also have full time jobs too. In some cases are carrying on their education going to the necessary classes to get a heads up financially. There is never enough credit bestowed on them. These parents do all in their power to raise their children in the proper way: sometimes being strick on them by giving them rules in which to live by and knowing there are always consequences if by chance the rules are broken, in again if the rules are slightly bent and of without a satisfactory reason. In that way trust is earned by both. Children are true mirrors of their parents.