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October 2, 2010

There is a cold wind briskly blowing as the grey clouds appear in the sky surely autumn is well underway and here to stay for a while. Recently there was an brief article written on a very well known legendary American family. If this particular family was commonplace then countless pieces wouldn’t be scripted and numerous broadcasts wouldn’t be spoken about them. Yet because they are the Kennedy’s they are set aside supposedly as a model for others to follow in their footsteps. This family is either loved or hated by others. The updated piece of work was mainly focused on their cousin Michael Skakel Kennedy who has been in prison for more than a quarter of a century. He in the process has lost his son, his wife and his physical health is slowly and surely deteriorating. The emotional stress is constant brought on by one trial and subsequenting trials to obtain enough evidence to overturn his conviction. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has always gone to bat for him along with his cousin Bobby Shriver and his brother Stephen Shriver. These three men have been on Michael’s side from the very beginning. The two Shriver brothers have lost tens of thousands of dollars along the way as they were insurance men and work collectively for a company. As a result to company has folded due to the lack of funds. Needless to mention that the Kennedys, Skakels, and the Shrivers and all divided concerning this issue. It is extremely sad that the evil of money comes into play in this equation. One might add that if these families were just the everyday people and not who they were than others wouldn’t give them the time of day.