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December 31, 2011

With the years end, and a brand new year just as the calendar is moments away, one has to reflect on what’s been accomplished of course in a general sense. As for most, events have been in normalcy. On a personal note one couldn’t sleep in comfortability last night for the fact that the heat was turned up to such a volumn. Guess it was ones own fault b/c one was turning it in the opposite direction, instead of counterclockwise, this was according to management who was kind enough to come to one’s efficiency apt and checked it. So had it taken care of without a problem. The temperatures here are going downward next week. Let me digress for a moment. A question comes to mind. Why did the U.S sell planes to Saudi Arabia which was an agreement in exchange for a bill of legislation being passed by Congress? Thought for the most part that it was underhanded and didn’t want to take the time and read the article. Just saw the headlines, which was fine in ones way of thinking. It is a shame that the U.S. is doing that while in many suburban communities people have to resort and go to food pantries. These people who are doing this are still working a full time job, use to be middle class, had the wearwithall to be able to afford nice things. Some of these people have college educations and are in professions of high skill. However they have been out of work for maybe half a year, or going on three. Most have been volunteering in the past at the same pantries that they now frequent. They are unable to afford extra expenses which are asked by their children’s schools and have to tell the child no that it isn’t in their budget. Most of these people are going to these food pantries for the very first time as tears are rolling down their faces in appreciation for the places that are in existance in the first place so they may have food in their stomachs. In order to do that they must shallow their pride in order to feed themselves along with their families. Before they were in this plight, they couldn’t imagine this happening, and it was the furthest from their minds. Many suburbia communities such as Wheaten to name one was a focus of a news piece. These places were formally affluent. An observation comes to mind at this point. If one views a stately mansion, three or more vehicles, a boat on the surface. This could be most deceiving. For these people could be up in their eyeballs in debt and struggling like the rest only in a different way.


March 17, 2011

It is finally getting warmer somewhat at least for here. Still there is everloving snow still on the surface of the ground and it is March. Can one imagine that! The states of the cities are broke. There are borrowing revenue left and right to no avail and making things worse in the process yet there isn’t a choice. Cities such as Detroit, NYC are both on the brink. States such as California, Illinois are both completely saturated with no way to go. The former Gouverner has eliminated  services from the programe to attempt to make it easier and has had some success in that vain. Wisconsin has elected a new Gouvenor who is very progressive and sees events in an eye opening way. He has had much opposition from the unions. The unions want to take your hard working tax paying money and use it for their benefit namely nothing positive. The students here in Madison had camped out for weeks on end slept on the university steps claiming that they had a right to do that. In one’s view the students all the them should have been arrested for loitering on public property. Granted a handful of student were arrested for disorderly conduct. And yet all should have been. They themselves don’t pay taxes and in most cases live under their parents roof, whether instate or out. Their parents claim them on their returns as deductions each year. The people protested against the governours actions simply because the people were for collective bargaining which is another way for the unions to steal more money from the hard working tax payers. Many of the Democrat legisturers went to neighbouring states to avoid voting on the socalled measure. How cowardly was that! Governour Scott Walker called a special session and was successful in voting against the unions. So in the long run he won and the people won as well whether the people were aware of it at the particular time. Governour Walker had the courage to stand up and be counted in this state and therefore avoided a pitfall. He surely came up on top in this round.