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“Betwixt And Between”

November 15, 2010

On this grey cold autumn day the sun is at least making a effort to peek a bit of warmth. It is the spice of life, never a dull moment weatherwise. One is betwixt and between while patiently waiting for new eyeware. It began on Sept. 7th as one went to Lenscrafters to obtain a new pair of frames along with lenses. One paid for the shebang beforehand as specified. Brought along a new prescription from Dr. Shapiro which was slightly stronger in a very minute way. Thought this was the time to take care of this. So being that the lenses were to be sent out which was understandable, one was asked to wait ten days. So the ten days came and went without the product. Then one was asked another ten days. Then the lenses came to the store and the type wasn’t correct. This being that the lenses didn’t go all the way to the frames. Then again one was asked to wait. Would phone weekly periodically as to the status. At this point the representives were getting annoyed as to the holdup, as it was sent to Cinn. Ohio twice then to Knoxville. Then on the 7th of Oct., it was one month. One month turned into two months and yet nothing. Was speaking weekly to a lab technician. He was very frustrated on one’s behalf. One had tried to reassure him to keep plugging away. Then it was sent to another Knoxville lab. In the courses of numerous conversations all was in agreement with the lack of communication those had. Granted they were experts in their fields however the communication wasn’t there in regard their fellow techicians. This was versed among Santos, Brittany and oneself. There was talk of compensation and added compensation as well. One has the notion that the product is vitally more important. Again all were in agreement. Presently, lenscrafters said that the lens are going to the ready on the 16th Nov., and should be delivered by the 18th. They will make a call as to the validity of that either today or tomorrow. The crediability of Lenscafters is still high on ones agenda and will still regard their reputation to others. They individually and collectively do their utmost to satisfy their clientele. They are still recommended highly in ones book.