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September 24, 2010

With the both windows wide opened last night, it provided a gentle and cooling breeze as the wind whistled through the tree tops into the night sky. Despite those effects and sounds had a very restless night. Still reading ones book”Voices of Ireland” It is over a thousand pages and is filled with classic Irish script of all types, among them is poetry. Have a new appreciation of it and thanks to Malachy McCourt for including that in his selections. Want to rearrange things as items are getting unavoidable. Have already called AT&T to take off the voice messaging as the company will upgrade it to high tech and erase it completely and maybe jack up the price in the long run. Still will need an answering machine to catch the incoming calls. Already have a caller ID which is most beneficial. Want to downsize on living quarters and make it more roomer. It is already convenient and comfortable. Have everything at ones disposal. Want to give one’s sofa and loveseat to St Vincent Depaul. Have already bought an air mattress yet have to go to a filling station to inflate it. Hopefully that will suffice. Have to plan and sometimes have a change of mind so there aren’t any mistakes.