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“Eons Ago”

October 6, 2012

Down deep in a forest existed a very colourful serpent. This creature wasn’t ordinary at all. It was a predator and protector rolled into one. It would resemble the status quo as it crept along ever so slowly. Although it crept it never considered itself to be creepy. It thought to itself to be the status of its surroundings. It would sometimes have the notion to go through tunnels as many as three at a time in the span of the day. It would then slink as high as a skyscraper as it would so enjoy the height. As it stretched longer and longer going over bridges it was amazed at the distance it traveled. It could transform itself into anything instantly. It would go into hospitals and give its venom to those who were in cronic pain. These wouldn’t have any side effects and would be ever so thankful for its kindness. In a flash Marcie appeared as she was lost after taking a wrong turn. The serpent used an alias. This time it was Boonhour. The serpent became very angry at Marcie shouted all kinds of insults and with a click of a mouse halled off and landed a blow into Marcie. She was so stunned. Not a single word was uttered. It was myxomatisis.