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“Mirror Imagery” Part One

October 4, 2012

One this fine October morning as noon approaches: there is a colourful array of beauty outdoors as the trees are changing. Let’s at this point pose a question. Let’s imagine all the people who have been connected to your life in one tremendous room with of course all the amenities. While you are a mirror imagery peeking in a glass stained window which are the colours of the rainbow. Now these people you have known all your life. Needless to say they include all relatives of you as well as all your friends and foes. They also include those who have died too. All these people can’t see you peeking in although you can see them. You can hear their conversations, watch their mannerisms, see their facial expressions, listen to their discussions, debates, arguments, their prejudices, their insults when they can’t get their way: in others words when the opposing views isn’t their own. That includes a variety of criticisms that makes the other person feel uneasy. In a full blown epic the person relates shame so as the other feels guilty: another will show jealousy that the other will feel envy: yet another or the same one or they are in cahoots will show ridicule repeatedly so another will take it to heart and feel shy: another will show fear while the other will be become apprehensive. Now as the row continues there is much more criticism as a results others will condemn: some will find hostility and will aim to fight: yet some will find pity and feel sorry for themselves as why they had been placed there. As the arguments simmers and soon ceases momentarily seems as if it was endless. There wouldn’t be any apologises because of the culprits pride. Some will compensate after this: others will find counterbalance. This has been a concoction in continuity, as all will now vanish into thin air.