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“Calming Effect”

November 4, 2011

With a new month underway, as one had a morning stroll viewed the dew on the lawn and the sparkling twinkling like rare diamonds as the sun was shining upon the earth. What a sight to behold. There is a calming effect upon oneself as one keeps in constant touch with family and friends. Having the choice to choose what one wants to do daily, the freedom to plan without interference, to be able to chat things over beforehand, the safety in which one resides, the convenience of daily activities at ones disposal, being able to have ones health intact means everything, having people in ones life who truly care for who one is means a great deal. This is an explanation of the title at hand. Been seeing quite a few movies which are categorically excellent. These namely are: The Kings Speech, The Boxer, Leaves Of Grass that momentarily come to mind. What performances and yet diverse too. Just started a book by Tony Blair My Journey. These are all highly recommended and actually worth the time. One keeps in mind items of importance only as well as people of importance which makes life easier in the long run. And the rest is rubbish.