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June 30, 2011

With the holiday weekend just upon us, the weather is well underway with seasonal temps, ready for swimming to cool off a slight in the summer sunshine. At the beginning of the week, one went over to the office and wanted a cup of coffee and of course some cookies as is provided for all the residents/tenents at Country Meadows. Felt like a bull in a china shop. While putting some cream in one’s coffee the styroform cup spilled and one simply grabbed some napkins and began to clean up the mess. Then Kathy who had a cloth came over and finish the job. She and others are very professional which is a very good trait while working with the public. Thought to oneself to avoid having some c/c again then one wouldn’t make the same error twice. This apt complex is quite large and stretches an entire block and in fact it crosses Gammon Rd too. It is very compact and easy to navigate while there are rolling hills the directions are easy. Some of the cab drivers seem confused though.┬áDecided to go for a longer walk and was venturing out for more excerise mainly. Nearly got to the end of the road and turned around and headed back. It was quite warm that day. However at another time will go walking at one’s own pace. Still enjoying the comforts of my apt. Now one calls it home.