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” An Update”

January 25, 2016

Imagine this. Just a single day and I am compelled to blog again. Wonders will never cease. Playing devils advocate have to defend myself in what would be my own murphy’s law. Simply to make a long story short though in my case it would be impossible. The previous blogs mentioned a luggage mishap or a near mishap. My stating that numerous times was the fact that the contents were vital to me.
Now waiting for some new checks so I can script a last bill to the unmentionable phone company. The bank mentioned it would take seven to ten business days which is reasonable. Yet anticipating for it and accomplishing this seems like forever in a day or a fortnight which is two weeks if anyone is interested in that bit of information. The answer is relax yeah right that will happen.


September 28, 2010

There is a definite chill in the air and one thinks it will be status quo, only to have the temps go lower in the near future. No more springlike days. Have the windows still closed and sleeping with three blankets. Will most probably put the storm windows down soon although that will be a sign of winter and that season seems to be longer than the others. Couldn’t sleep again last night as one’s mind was racing about at least three topics at once. Families should have civility yet at most times for some unknown reason it is non-existant. When problems arise the best way to solve them is to chat and never have a cold shoulder toward others. Try to be diplomatic in one’s approach. Say whatever is on their mind and get to the point. Without divulging a confidential conversation with a niece: the matter really bothers oneself. Spoke to one’s sister concerning the matter at a previous time. It does concern oneself. Really don’t know for sure. However one believe one’s niece wholeheartedly and one’s sister also. Wish only one had proof of a written document to verify the said findings. One’s parents were said to have told a meriad of untruths during their lives. They couvered up many things for one really doesn’t care what the reason was for it. It only mattered that they both did this from time and time again. There are many unanswered questions about this matter. Now that doesn’t mean that there aren’t  answers to these questions. It simply means that the answers aren’t told. For the simple reason that these questions aren’t asked or some have fear of asking for fear of the answers and again would he be telling the truth or just trying to hide it. Trying to analise this matter. Questions arise!  Was there a will? If so, where is it? Who has possession of it? Was there an inheritance actually involved for each of the five siblings? If so, what was the exact amount? Who was co-exectutour of the whole shebang? Are wills in general posted on the internet? Are particular wills posted there as well? Are amounts of inheritances posted on the internet? Is there a legal section devoted to these items? Already one is aware that deaths, births such as vital statistics are posted there in plain view. Also one is aware that people who are delinquent on their taxes: their names are posted in the newspaper and also the amount due or past due. There are also homes of the estates listed. Also there are houses for sale all neighbourhoods. These would come under the heading of classified. Actually with all that one has mentioned thinking that one has been sidetracked. Yet in a way not. Knowing that one is the eldest: one must take the initiative and persue this line of questioning. As it does pertain to oneself in a very personal way. As the well known movie entitled “And Justice For All”. It should never be for the entitled some or the designated few.