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April 3, 2011

On this Sunday it is slightly warmer, though still there is a chill in the air as one is still dressing in layers and winter attire just to be comfortable and avoid any sickness. Now as the weather is better, one has moments of seeing relatives/ friends/ family which is the natural scheme of things. One is also trapped for lack of money and if not trapped then torn as to who to visit as one has a list of favourite relatives who one hasn’t seen or hasn’t yet met but chatted at length. Of course there is my dear son Andre who tops the list. A question comes to mind and it this! When one wants a favour from a family member: why is it that family member has the nerve to ask all these personal questions from oneself that doesn’t change their life at all. It is┬ámost irritating. And then end up not even doing the favour only wanting one to answer questions. Some people just don’t know how to act! That is why confidentiality is so very important!