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“Again With Early Hours”

December 2, 2012

There are times that are again with early hours. It doesn’t happen on a regular basis which is good. Mind is racing so no time for sleep at this point. Raining and seasonably warmer now in this beginning of a new month, and if it is because of global warming, living in this state people should seriously have a break from the coldest weather imaginable. There were times that you could attempt to feel a railing of a porch outside and your finger could literally stick to it. I did that with a glove on once just to see what would happen and with just that. I couldn’t imagine if I did that without a glove my skin would stick as well. So that is definitely cold or frigid. Speaking of cold weather, I deal with it, however don’t care for it and for that matter who does in their right mind. When I was young a broke my leg ( a compound fracture) that was at the age of seven. Then at the age of fourteen I broke my hand. So what’s with every seven years. There is truth in that. Actually numerology is a science. And there is truth is science isn’t it? I have been an avid walker which helps the arthritis in the joints of knees and elbows. Oh let me retract. About four years ago, I broke my arm and shoulder, again a fracture. So that was three times a charm. I still enjoy walking to this very day. Thinking of arthritis, I sometimes have an occasional pain where I said before and wonder if I someday will have rheumatoid arthritis later in life. Been reading ” Blue Collar Blue Scrubs” by Dr. Michael Collins an excellent book. Well recommended. What a natural way of the art of self expression. Really down to earth with no holds barred. Just an addition to what that has already been scripted. Had falafel with hummus with added ingredients including tomatoes(roma) must be italiana and cucumber. This creation was done by my son, Andre. He made a zenzecki sauce, with a side of romaine lettuce and red onions. He knows how to make these dishes with others well known and liked too. He does it with such finesse and it is a breeze to him like a piece of cake. Again before I bring this to a close, Andre had spoken to his agent in NY about an online book named ” Perdition Epilogne” He is working on the illustrations now. Have sent his agent about  twenty. Will send him many more. Waiting to hear back from the agent. This is a point of interest. May he have the luck of the Irish although Jimmy Breslin wrote in a book, that luck is the residue of design. I think it depends on which luck one wants it to be. Let’s compromise. Luck may be both things.