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“Let It Be”

November 26, 2011

With a light drizzling of rain, it seems refreshing as one was strolling in the environs. Then was composing some thoughts/ notes in one’s head to be ready to blog. Then the computer was running very slow and almost at a standstill which was most irritating, then on top of that one had composed on a different page not once but twice, and thinking that wordpress had changed their format, then had to trash the two drafts too. How annoying is that. Running a scan as one is blogging. One’s keyboard was acting freaky too.  So now after nearly 100 words and free of frustration one will proceed. The title has a certain connotion to some. So let one practise decommision while scripting on a serious topic. Notice in a couple of pieces, the new president of N.I. is very up to having Ireland united: the Catholic Mass is going through another positive change: the Pope is again speaking of the sexual abuse. Lets address the last first. Pedophilia has been practised in different and all professions. So it could be practised less or not at all if priests had the option to marry and not practise celibracy. It would disintegrate in some degree therefore eventually dissipate. All professions have a dissolution regardless. It is an excellent concept the new president of N.I. is transforming into actions. The new change in the Catholic Mass brings about a wonderful understanding that will embrace all of mankind.