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“Once Upon A Time”

December 19, 2010

Once upon a time many moons ago: just after the world became known to humans beings just one wonders what it was like, if lived then which was more than a thousands years ago. This was before God sent his son, Jesus on the earth. Some countries just as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan one might say all the Near East countries have existed far longer and are at least 2500 years older than the western countries. Had read sometime ago that these countries have been through many more perils than the western countries and have survived with only determination. The USA is in comparison is a younger only a over 200 years old. So why does the USA want to fight in these ancient countries? Needless to say, it isn’t because they want to, it is more than that: it is because of the oil obviously. With having said that statement getting back to ones original thought. When Our Lord sent his son Jesus to the earth one is not questioning that. However only to a point of how Jesus felt only in human terms. Was there a rash of deviant behavior so much more than there is today? Just keep in mind that the laws hadn’t been transposed yet. So did these humans have a sense of debauchery for the reason that the law couldn’t touch them physically? Did these humans act and as their various actions committed to do what they like instead of what was correct? Just how did Jesus think and what was his reactions meaning only in human terms? Aside from all that was transcribed from one language to another and into English from the various forms of scriptures written by theologians, doctrine and known scholars were there a pieces of work unnoticed and still to this date unknown scripted then? Recently heard on a radio broadcast that a soldier who had finished two tours in Iraq was punched in the face while teaching at one of the schools in the US. And of course the soldier had the presence of mind not to react. The breakdown in the families is at a all time high with no end in sight. These children in these schools who play havoc on others have in some cases alcohol induced syndome resulting when the mother was pregnant and drinking large amounts of alcohol that the unborn baby develop a case of add or adhd. This isn’t by any means an isolated case. There are unfortunately a myriad of cases totaling over thousand and growing. These children are suspended and suspended over and over again until they reach twenty-one years of age. What is the answer? Do these children go to a special reform school especially created for these types of children? The whole situation has gotten far out of hand. How would Jesus have handles this in a means of only human terms? Ones option this time was to combine several thoughts at once. Is there any correlation between those ancient days and these present days? One might debate that. Let the world have peace and good will.