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“In The Sixth”

June 12, 2010

As it feels like summer yet not chronologically so, one is viewing speedboats on the bay, with various types of boats geered up and ready to take off in neighbours driveways, sometimes attached to piers. On Wednesday the Stanley Cup was held and raised in salute by the Chicago Blackhawks. This well deserved team fought with determination against various hockey teams in order to obtain the victory. It took physical and mental endurance. It is amazing knowing that this team hadn’t won the Cup since 1961, so for that matter it was doubly sweet. The Blackhawks are a young team with unbelievable savoir faire. They fought hard despite injury. One player had a back injury. Another player had caught the puck in his month and lost seven teeth and just came off the ice for seven minutes and went back on to continue the rest of the game and wound up with scoring a goal or two for his efforts. When clearing the ice with the zamboni inbetween the periods or after the finishing  the game, the official found a tooth or two enbedded in the ice belonging to this player. Hockey players are a different breed than other sports athletes. For those who are unfamillar with this sport, the Stanley Cup playoffs are normally played in seven games, and the Chicago Blackhawks won it in the sixth. Whats more asounding is that they played the game in Philli.