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“Many More”

July 16, 2013

Make each moment count for something! That is a good motto. Since newspapers went out of vogue, each time you see an article online, regardless of what site it is: there is a space where you can share it with facebook or twitter. No longer can you keep your thoughts to yourself. As if you should share this or that with the world. There is absolutely not a sign of privacy. Have deleted that. Only share family photos with friends. Have also erased a good many friends which including relatives on the social site. Have noticed that blacks walk in twos or threes or more. Have always observed this criteria: although not since now have I’ve made my voice known. Wonder if there is a reason for this. Notice that whites don’t. Have always seen this just not until now have commented. While on that subject, have thought in the 50’s blacks have been viewed by whites as something lesser. Nothing can be further from the truth. Blacks are as equal as whites. The 60’s then the 70’s came the 80’s 90’s, the word changed from blacks to African Americans. Now those in Africa have a far different culture that America. These blacks haven’t the desire to even visit Africa or for that matter South Africa. If you asked a black where the continent was, the countries comprising the continent, or the capitals of any of those countries: surely none of them would give the correct response. Ok, let’s just say as a matter of fairness, a few. Have whites changed their names to Caucasions which in fact it is. The bottom line is that we are all human. Have been waiting for a card and cash from my sister. This is right about the second word. Have told her repetedly don’t send cash but it falls on deaf ears so I don’t say it anymore to her. She phoned me several times about it. Anyone shouldn’t do that, to give the temptations to immoral individuals. Yesterday, pulled my computer desk out from the wall, along with the chairs. Reconnected the speakers and they still don’t work. Reconnected the printer to the computer. Just have to get ink for it so my son Andre can print a copy of his book. Then reconnected the answering machine so the phone doesn’t have to ring a number of times. Have a caller id however needs new batteries and more things are worth doing than that. So two out of three isn’t bad. Finally got the At&t situation resolved. Earlier this week phoned five phone and internet companies. Tds has been partly bought out by At&t so it only serves in rural areas. Frontier is connected with Charter. T-Mobile doesn’t serve this vicinity. Vonage and Verizon doesn’t either. So phoned the tech support with At&t and got a person from Arkansas, he lived in Atlanta. He ran a speed test on the computer, my explaining that the memory is low and would it do any good. The test came out higher than usual. He mentions Uverse with At&t and that a rep. would give me the lowdown about it. She was surprisingly most helpful. Said I could get a geg for the pictures and another higher geg for the blogs or a flashdrive. So it turns out that on Saturday At&t will and put Uverse wires in place of these century old wires. Well that’s the size of it!