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November 11, 2012

Still enjoying the seasonable time while now November rain and cold is on its way. Just the normality of change. Can’t have it the same always. Diversity makes it interesting. Been condensing books, music, movies: items I can do without. Never liked clutter. Had some items and sold them along the a painting of the Last Supper too. Started out with four cases of books filled to the brim. Now have two.  Things are going well. Andre my son is still in Madison which is always nice. Half Price Books and Music is where I sold my items. If you think that is a plug you are correct. They are reasonable and will give you top dollar. My son Ian and family are in Jordan and are fine. Thanks to Facebook, a social media site I see daily things posted by them. Just finished a book called “Being Flynn” and saw the movie. The movie was far better than the book. Ended up selling the book. However Robert Deniro did a fine job acting. Would recommend it highly to anyone who asks. Have a couple of fine books yet to read by Dr. Michael Collins. One called ” Hot Lights Cold Steel” and Blue Collar Blue Scrubs” After I read them will give those to Andre. Already read ” Trauma” by Dr. James Cole. Have given that to Andre as well. So many books may inspire certain individuals. Certain people may do the same while not even being aware of it. Just be yourself and wonders will happen.

” Multitaxing”

October 11, 2010

Again the autumn season is absolutely stupendous with sunshine galore and gentle breezes as the muti coloured leaves fall from the various trees. It just seems like heavenly personified. Ones overnight rest however played havoc, although one’s eyes were closed and felt serene. One was multitaxing thinkingwise. Thinking of the simultaneous characteristics ones relatives have in commonality. Such camaraderie there would be if only they knew. If so, then they would feel more at ease, and contact one another more often than they do, instead of out of a blue moon. Was specifically thinking of my late sister Christine. In that vane wished one had known her better. Then at the same time, grateful that one has a close relationship with Liz her daughter. Then Christal, her sister has the same birthday with my son Andre which is the 21st of this month. They are only a year apart. While waiting for ones frames and lenses from lenscrafter, that is a whole separate story. Been reading in the interim. That is always an excellent way to gain knowledge, be entertained, use time constructively all at the same time. About a month ago got an answering machine from R. S. and it is digital. For some reason it doesn’t work so will need to return it on Tuesday, before going to a dentist appt., then going to Borders. Discontinued the voice mail with AT&T. They are so outrageously pricewise. Besides keeping a roof over ones head which is most important to ones morale.