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“Never Ever”

September 10, 2013

With the second blistering day in September feels like an oven outdoors. Earlier walking back from the office of Country Meadows apts., there wasn’t any air or breeze whatsoever. I felt slightly lightheaded. It wasn’t the two cookies and the three small cups of cold water either. So in order to combat and catch myself, I walked back a few steps and felt the breeze. Then I again walk toward home. I was fine and am fine. It reminded me of Fla., regardless of where in Fla. it is. My body just can’t take the heat. Came home and drank two cups of cold water from the fridge. Never Ever have I had a grandmother. All children should have one and even two. When I came to Ala., there is a sweet, cheerful woman who lives across the street and still does: from the apt., I was living at the time. She is Scot- Irish and has a huge family who is spread throughout the South. She doesn’t have a southern drawl in the least. She has lived in the same house all her life. She has beautiful azaleas near her garden in the back of the house. We chatted about all topics imaginable. She has tons of grandchildren and great-children and a few great-great grandchildren. So one more wouldn’t matter. Her diet consisted of southern cooking. Said that was the worse type. She has all kinds of health issues. Everything and anything is wrong with her. Name it and she has it. To this day we phone each other to chat. She has always had the best frame of mind. With her health slowly declining she plans to go to live with her daughter who has a large home that is equipped for her needs. On the 21st of this month she will go for the visit for two weeks to make a final decision. Two of her sons will take part in selling the house instead of renting it. Although most of the neighborhood is rental property. She says she is reluctant to part with the house however se sera sera. I lived in Ala., for seven years and to this day we are still friends.