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“Rightly Served”

July 31, 2011

Another hot day is underway, one can feel the heat rising as it is only in the morning hours. Summer indeed! Still been keeping up with news events as well as sports too especially the Stanley Cup Playoffs that are posted on the net. How exciting is that!  While scanning the news came across a video that was posted in Arizona, namely Phoenix. It was again the run of the mill type that could and should have been preventable: ultimately stopped in the everloving tracks. However it again wasn’t as a result the person in question paid the extreme price for the senseless act of others. Their community looked the other way and said to themselves” its none of my concern” They inturn didn’t act to assist in any way bring aid to this child. There was an act of abuse done repeatedly throughout her young life. This act was committed by four lowlifes who were relatives or at least knew this child. There should be a law passed momentarily with no questions asked that states if an act is commited against a child or a person that concerns abuse the criminal should be subject to life without parole and if the act results in the death of any individual which had contributed to any form of abuse, that includes bullying, the criminal should be subject to the death penalty. That would be rightly served.