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May 29, 2013

With nearly the coming of the end of a perfect month, and thunderstorms bracing each day, it is good time to quietly reflect. Just finished a fabulous written book”Why Sinatra Matters” by Pete Hamill. Living each day you really know what is important and other things can be left by the wasteside. Health is more and has been vital at each passing age you are. Friends are wonderful too at any time of life. You are stuck with family, but you choose friends. In rare cases family at some point may become friends too. When someone has unfortunate events happen, it never ends. The Almightly Dollar becomes a factor. If a person is broke, it’s not an issue. There are ways it can be handled. If you happen to go to the grocery store you have the habit of going for store brands. You count meals of how much each is, as you never go hungry. You make lists of items beforehand. You have the habit not using condiments. You experiment with food when you run out of a certain item, and sometimes discouver that you have chosen something new and it winds up to be good and you will add it again in the future. This in itself could be life changing and of course be better for you in a health sense. You find different ways of economising in the long run. You find things to occupy yourself with during the day that is unique to yourself. Instead of eating 3 times or more a day, you find you are eating twice a day, which is always in the morning that will be healthier. You feel better physically,mentally also. Throughout your life, you become systematically organised.