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May 21, 2013

With warm and cold air colliding there are many tornadoes, hurricanes and the like as I am too familiar with, and lived through them. In conversations with others it is often to chatter on without the other person having their say. It is a tendency that I have tried to avoid. I realise it after the fact when all is said and done, and feel guilty for it. However when the next opportunity comes what do I do, the same thing. Maybe it is feeling more comfortable with the person or maybe it is trying to get my point across, or maybe for lack of a better word feeling insecure in the intelligent dept. Honestly I really don’t know what and why that is. When I came home for ten minutes, checked my messages. Heard that my sister called and half heard it, then when I came home for the evening, heard the message paid closer attention to it. She had thanked me for a couple of rings I sent her. She sent me a chain with a cross attached, a birthday gift with a card. So I intern had a couple of rings and wondering who to give them to, and for some unknown reason she came to mind. I took a piece of paper and hand written:With sisterly love;In appreciation. Was surprised she like them. Then before that, got a dragonfly with three orange pieces of paper. It was with a suction cup attached to it wrapped it plastic. Was asked not to use the suction cup. There was a strong string with it. Being my independent self, I took the dragonfly apart. Then put the whole piece of handmade jewelry and held it on the refrigerater by the suction cup. He had a hammer and was going to hang it from the window. So guess what that never happened. The dragonfly fell on the floor. Thought he would be angry, so I found the strong string and with some other items put it around my neck and said. Oh Look Nice! Later he said” He was in awe of the whole thing. Not angry. It turned out well.