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“Cop A Plea”

July 19, 2010

It is summertime understandably however with the sultry air it is most uncomfortable to put it mildly. It is hard to sleep however one feels good in the morning so one must be getting enough of it as one sleeps so soundly. Surprisingly this is only ones second blog this month. One has been occupied reading. Just finished “Harold Be Thy Name”. It was most inspiring. Ones mind has been filled with trying to obtain a ticket to Seattle to see Andre before the end of the year. That is ones aim. Oh finished “Through Irish Eyes” very recommended. To cop a plea is allright in some instances, however it is done to many times and unnecessarily. Needless to say to apprehend someone else who is involved in a crime at a higher level makes logical sense. In most cases it is done with people of notoriety which is simply unfair. One will see this repeatedly in the news, as they have a special privilege and more or less the law doesn’t apply to them because of their status in life. This is grossly unjust. This is probably done more often because the judges are appointed to a certain amount of time and of course it is politically rather than on merit. What would happen if that would be out of existance? Would it be recommended or voted on by the individual states or would it be done federally in some shape or form? Something to ponder.