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Forty More And Counting”

July 5, 2013

With 460 blogs completed there and only forty more! These have been within a six year’s time in August of 2007! These too have been well orchestrated like a favourite piece of well thought out in a masterly fashion. The following forty mustn’t be a farrago. Now the question comes to mind as to what to script next. Just to mention that these have been on a very personal note: while speaking of that, Pope Francis will make Pope John XX111 a saint at the end of this month. He has already been canonised and there has been a miracle performed awaiting for approval. On a different topic,the Mandela family have been more than debatting over the three other children burials. Two of the Mandela’s family members have been at odds for a number of years apparently over selfish desires. This has been going on while Nelson Mandela has been on life-support after a lung infection. The guards outside his well secured room have kept the secrecy at bay. This icon has been on life-support for over a month or so. Now the courts are ordering the tubes out. Surely why did the courts take this long? And all boils down to money! If for instance a person is left on life-support for some unknown reason, everything is disconnected with a matter of days. Doctors weigh the odds in their decision and vote on it in a three day period and on the fourth day with a close member of the family saying yes everything is disconnected. That is the dignity of death. And life goes on in a peaceful manner. It is a true disgrace how this icon is being treated. My son Ian celebrated his birthday on the third, his being forty years of age. Sent a mushy motherly message to him. Just couldn’t resist! Had some wild rice with herbs with a dash of fresh salsa! So guess what! My stomach went banannas! My bowels were in an uproat! New Yorkers say “Don’t get your bowels in an uproar” Meaning stay calm! Mine were literally that for maybe 2 hours! Seemed like forever. Maybe I should start a cookbook entitled” With No Flavours” Sounds good for me. Am I the only one!